The Museum of Modern Filipino Art (MoMFA) begins with a dream and the land on which to build it.  To stand proudly on historic Mount Samat in Bataan, its goal is to showcase the best of modern and contemporary Filipino art and to instill in future generations an abiding love and pride in their cultural heritage.  Aside from the structure that will preserve and display the art collections, activities such as exhibits, competitions and workshops are being designed for the MoMFA dream to come to fruition. By doing all this, we acknowledge with gratitude that man’s innermost aspirations and his very ability to create art emanates from the Divine Creator Himself.

Christopher Pizarro

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Chris graduated from UST with a degree of Bachelor of Arts, Major in Painting under the tutelage of professors such as Antonio Austria, Jose Tence Ruiz and Danilo Santiago.

Chris is a member of:

The Visual Arts Collective (TAVAC) – based at The Attic Mini Gallery

Koi and Fish Artists of the Philippines (KFAP)

Visual Artists of the Phils (VAP)

Las Pinas Art Society (LPAS)

Cris Pizarro sought to fully realize his constantly evolving artistic expression by capturing reality in the abstract genre.  “Contrary to what people believe, abstract is the hardest to pin down – it refuses to be bound, it is limitless in its meaning. So it’s the duty of the artist to capture all that without losing its unlimited essence.”

Chris is also known as a diorama and mural painter.  Among his works is the La Naval mural at the Light and Sound Museum in Intramuros.