The Museum of Modern Filipino Art (MoMFA) begins with a dream and the land on which to build it.  To stand proudly on historic Mount Samat in Bataan, its goal is to showcase the best of modern and contemporary Filipino art and to instill in future generations an abiding love and pride in their cultural heritage.  Aside from the structure that will preserve and display the art collections, activities such as exhibits, competitions and workshops are being designed for the MoMFA dream to come to fruition. By doing all this, we acknowledge with gratitude that man’s innermost aspirations and his very ability to create art emanates from the Divine Creator Himself.

LYDIA velasco

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Lydia Velasco studied Fine Arts, Major in Advertising at the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines. After finishing college studies, she worked for the advertising agency Philprom and later became Art Director for several multinational advertising companies in Manila such as Bates Alcantara, J. Walter Thompson, Pacifica, Ace Compton, Basic Advertising and McCann-Erickson. It was in 1988 when she finally ventured into entrepreneurship as co-owner of the advertising photography and graphic design office Lightmoves Photo/Design, Inc.

It was in 1992 when Lydia Velasco began to paint. Her initial works were muted and monochromatic in approach, apparent reflections of the artist’s soul seeking its identity in the art world.  Over time, Velasco developed her art, medium, and style. She eventually focused on women as her subjects -- strong, vigorous, hardworking, independent and assertive, yet at the same time tender, caring, graceful and sensual -- reflective of all the facets of the artist's inner self.

Velasco has participated in numerous group shows since 1993 and started her solo exhibitions in 1996. Her works have been auctioned by international auction houses such as Sotheby’s, Borobudur, Larasati and Masterpiece. Her works are held by art collectors in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, U.K. and USA.